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Mario Kart Double Dash

If you have got mario kart double dash i can help you how to get the parade car first you have to complete all cup tour on mirror mode and you have to come in first in all the races.

Legend of zelda ocarina of time/master quest

First your in the kokiri forest (great place) so you find money in bushes and plants but you do not need them right now so go to the start screen on the map and look at kokiri forest and look for a big green area walk near it there is a little hill and walk up it then you will see some fences walk past them in the middle and you will see a tiny hole go near it and look at the A button and press it and you will be crawling move like you normally do and then you will be out of the gap there will be some boulders here are some instruckoins for you how to get past them first go forword and go left and on the first turn go forword up there and go right and there is a chest containing the kokri sword open the chest and there you have your very own sword then you have to get out the other way like this run to the last corner and go down there and go the way you entered and go and look in the bushes and if you see some plants slash them in half with the B button and out comes some money look in some houses and there will be four tresure chests and open them and there can be hearts what can heal up your wounds by one heart or some more money there are loads of types theres red blue purple silver even and green that is only one peny if you get two red money you will have enough money for a wooden sheild to get the wooden sheild go to the house with a little kokiri sitting on a balcony and enter the shop but she will speak to you a very important thing and after that enter the shop in the shop you will see a very tiny kokirijumping up and down at the counter speak to him and roll the analogue stick right and you see a brown sheild with a swirl on it in red press the A button on it and you will have no money go out of the shop and go towards the kokiri near a very large tree stump in a rolling position and go and speak to the kokiri garding the stump he will let you past then deku babas will come and run past them and you will meet the great deku tree.

Once he opened his own mouth go into it and there you are in the Great deku tree you will see aome vines walk up to them and you will be climbing up until the ledge go up the ledge and jump over all the gaps and then when you find a door on the on the 2 floor open it by the A button and the door will be locked and there will be a little button walk on to it and small hills of floor will rise jump to the very end with these hills and find a key or a slingshot or a enemy once you killed or got or walked on the door will open walk towards the big spider (skullta) and when it turns around use your slingshot with L button on the skullta but first press start and equip yourself with the slingshot if your on a gamecube use C stick and if your on a N64 do the same i think and atack it with the c stick and fire when it turns around on the brown side and you killed your first enemy ( well done ) so go down i think and there will be so many webs you fall into the webs and find a way put when your in the room and look for a chest where i forgot and in the chest will be a big key or a dungen map or a compest and it will tell you how to use it if you know how to use it use it and if you are on a level with a skull on it or if you are not on the level go exploring for the level with him on and once you find a tresure chest it will be a...........BOSS KEY then look on your dungon map and find a area with a skull on it and go there and you will be fighting the boss.

Try and kill the great boss GOHMA curse of the deku tree and do all the stuff what you can do try all the equipment you got exepect deku sticks and when he is smack on the floor his eye will be on the floor looking at you use your sword and slash him in his eye straight at him loads of times and he will fall apart easily a big heart and will come out and get the heart and a long plasma teleporter will apere walk into it and speek to the deku tree and get the stone and the deku tree will get rotton and head out to hyrule.

To be continued in part 3.