Super Luigi Bros.


A long time ago in a land called the mushroom kingdom there lived two plumbers called luigi  and Mario they got a letter from a turtle in the letter was a angry face saying  ill take over the whole world and then the whole galaxies so try and stop me and off they went to kill the turtle what was actually a koopa he was a king of the darklands he did not like the mushroom kingdoms princess the princess name was princess toadstool her people were wearing mushrooms different colours. And of the brothers went throughgdg

deserts and under water and in underground ways they did not get pass the hammer koopa bros say Mario jumped and hit a golden block and out came a star it fell on to him and he ran into the koopa bros and they fled to there kings fortress the Mario bros followed them as they gone through a small thin green pipe they ended up in a dark stormy tattered land lighting was striking down destroying the trees rain was falling to the ground as if it was dgdgd

killed so they saw the fortress like this one but it was so stormy so they ran in jumping over fire flames and into a ignoramus door   they were so brave they both got fire flowers  and flames the red was Marios because he wore red all the time the other brother was green because luigi wore green all the time the made a big a big brown flame what was about the same size off the empire state building so they bursted the flame at the evil king and peace returned to the kingdom

Staff: all the things by me Robert King Koopa